demonetize de‧mon‧e‧tize [ˌdiːˈmʌntaɪz ǁ -ˈmɑːn-] also demonetise verb [transitive]
FINANCE to no longer allow the use of a particular coin or banknote as money:

• The Philippines central bank demonetized the paper money printed during Ferdinand Marcos's administration.

— demonetization also demonetisation noun [uncountable] :

• the demonetisation of silver a century ago

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demonetize UK US (UK ALSO demonetise) /ˌdiːˈmɒnətaɪz/ verb [T]
ECONOMICS, FINANCE to officially stop using particular notes or coins, or a particular currency: »

In 2002 the currencies of twelve European countries were demonetized and replaced with the Euro.

demonetization (UK ALSO demonetisation) noun [U]

This is a reminder about the imminent demonetization of the RM1000 currency notes.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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